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The New Normal

Given the ongoing circumstances we find ourselves facing, I thought I would take the opportunity to write a brief message of solidarity to all of our friends, colleagues and families at this incredibly trying time.

Utopi is a start-up, and although we are fortunate to have the resources to see us through a short period of disruption, we are constantly reviewing the situation and more than ever looking for positivity. I understand people want to believe this is ‘business as usual’. This may be true for some, however for most this is simply not the case. This is a highly unusual situation, one that none of us can honestly say we understand the long term impact of. This virus is devastating families, stretching our amazing essential workers to breaking point and impacting our economy in an unprecedented way.

There are positives however: We are seeing the potential of a new normal emerging where people travel less, adopting  video technology to bring people together, and we’re communicating like never before with our connections and loved ones. Rather than taking over our lives, the Internet has  now – more than ever – become a life line, providing a cost effective, generation binding way to connect with people. We were often too busy to make that important contact, whereas now we can consciously take the time to do these really important small things – the world is changing and I personally feel the new normal we will soon be living may well be better than ever before. I hope that we will learn, adapt and evolve into a better human race.

Take this time to reconnect with anyone and everyone that means something to you, we only get one shot at life so we need to make the most of it.

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