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Smart Building Consultancy for Developers

Managed residential sectors such as multi-family and purpose built student accommodation are different in two ways:

  • First, you need to deliver a world class experience for residents, which is modern, seamless and digital.
  • Second, you need to maximise value for investors by reducing long term operational costs and enhancing ESG performance.

Developers need to establish a consistent and joined up approach to designing digital infrastructure across their development pipeline

Utopi offers a bespoke consultancy service to help create a “brand standard” blueprint which will ensure you develop attractive, valuable, and sustainable assets.

Smart Facilities Management

Managed residential operators face the joint challenges of managing operating costs while minimising service disruption and delivering excellent resident experience.

It’s well known that sustainably reducing gross to net costs will lead to enhanced asset value, the challenge is working out how to get there.

Smart, technology led facilities management allows operators to identify cost savings, predict breakdowns, and monitor performance and fix faults remotely. Better control of energy consumption leads to reduced bills for operators and residents, and creates sustainable assets that meet ESG objectives.

Utopi offers a Smart FM service to advise and deliver better building performance.

Initially, we will carry out a building performance assessment to understand your current asset portfolio and identify opportunities. This will lead to a detailed specification and business case for creating a smart facilities management process, and we can also provide a managed service to deliver the benefits identified.

Underpinning this offering is our proprietary digital platform Utopi Connect, which will integrate existing systems together with IoT sensors to generate real time data and insight on building performance and enable proactive and predictive control of your asset.