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Why Utopi

At Utopi, we are setting the agenda for the future of smart buildings

Through our unique approach to people, process and technology we can unlock the maximum value for our clients by creating the most effective and efficient buildings in the world.

“Utopi is advising on smart building strategy, architecture and design across all technologies where a ‘smart’ element either benefits us as the building operator or our residents.”

We aim to be the partner of choice for clients- creating, delivering, operating and enhancing innovative technology to help them create the maximum value in their asset. By applying a strategic view, we make smart buildings simple and accessible.


We work closely with clients to ensure we align our solutions with their vision and strategy, supporting asset owners to reach an optimum return from their investment. We seek to build collaborative, supportive and inspiring client relationships built on trust and integrity, unlocking true value potential through technology.

What is Building Performance?

By simplifying the complex world of building technology, we can create buildings that truly perform. But what do we mean by building performance?

The industry landscape is confusing for many, with endless applications of technology available to enhance and create smart buildings. For us, building performance is much more than the application and adoption of smart building technology.

In order to optimise building performance we work with clients to understand and enhance their vision and strategy. It is only by understanding the end from the beginning, that our team can support you in creating a building that delivers increased efficiency and an optimum return from your investment.

Our Vision

At Utopi it is our vision to be the global authority on maximising building performance through smart technology integration and managed services provision.

Our Mission

Through our unique approach to people, process and technology, we unlock the maximum value for our clients by creating the most effective and efficient buildings in the world.

Our Values

We are invested in the success of our clients project, ensuring certainty of project success.

We deliver all projects with integrity and respect at the forefront.



We work collaboratvely with clients to ensure the best results on each individual project.

We use our resource experience, innovation and intelligence cleverly to drive our delivery approach for our clients.

We are respectful and responsible for the work we deliver for our clients, aware of the impact it can have on the wider world.



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