Technology to Boost the Build to Rent Boom

The Build To Rent (BTR) residential model relies heavily on technology to deliver both an efficient building and great customer service to its residents. We have helped clients in this sector design, build, and operate fully integrated smart buildings, managed on our Utopi Connect software platform.

Our Managed Service

We help developers and building operators understand how amenities are being utilised, and through our automation protocols, we can remotely execute invisible, automated facilities management tasks, ensuring the resident experience is prioritised.

Supporting Market Growth

The BTR market is growing rapidly with developments coming out of the ground in every major city in the UK. With more and more residents moving across to this way of living, the demand for data, machine learning, and AI is increasing to help operators make informed customer service decisions, and stay ahead of the competition.

Making More From Your Space

BTR developments are packed with amenities, gyms, private dining rooms, co working space, lounges, and cinema rooms. These amenities take up valuable space and must be utilised to their full potential, and if not, the space needs to be modified to ensure maximum ROI is being achieved. Utopi Connect will tell you exactly how many people are using the facilities in real-time, giving you full visibility and oversight of your building.