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Utopi is an IoT powered smart building integrator and managed service provider. Our highly skilled people, automated processes and leading-edge technology enable us to reduce operational costs, enhance safety, security and compliance whilst delivering industry leading user experience for our clients and their end users.

In order to achieve this vision, we take building management systems which at present work in silos (e.g. security, access control, building management, lighting, heating), enabling and standardising their electronic interfaces and then build an integration platform that enables visibility and control across all those silos.

Having successfully demonstrated a proof-of-concept/MVP to key investors and partners, Utopi now requires further development resources for a rapid ramp-up to production-quality code, along with the continuing evolution of the application to integrate new systems and add further features.



The Senior .NET Developer will be responsible for the creation and maintenance of various microservices to be deployed on the Utopi integration platform outlined above, which sits on an Azure Kubernetes Service cluster, as well as their supporting databases which are hosted in the Azure cloud.


Reports to 

Software Architect


Essential Experience

At least 5 years of software development, with demonstrable track record in the development of object-oriented back-end and web applications.

IoT service development experience is desired.


Required Qualifications

Degree in a relevant discipline.


Required Skills

  • A solid understanding of object-oriented software development.
  • Fluent in C# (ideally .NET Core 3.x).
  • Familiarity with various database technologies (Relational/Schemaless, SQL/NoSQL) and O/RM frameworks such as EF Core.
  • An understanding of test-driven development, version control systems and CI/CD processes.
  • Experience of integrating with third-party systems using a REST API approach or by other more proprietary mechanisms.
  • Able to develop a comprehensive API for front-end developers to consume in the presentation layer.
  • Knowledge of scalability issues for distributed applications.
  • A robust understanding of authentication, role-based authorisation and other security concerns.
  • A desire to use best practices and coding standards to write robust, maintainable software.
  • Experience working in an Agile environment.


Desired Skills

  • Competent with the Azure cloud platform.
  • Development of microservices using Docker and deployment onto Kubernetes.
  • Experience of integrating IoT platforms and processing data from LoRaWAN-based devices.


Bonus Skills

  • An understanding of AI and machine learning techniques in order to perform predictive analysis on large and varied data sets.
  • Database administration skills, particularly regarding performance, e.g. the correct use of indexes.


To apply for this position, please send a cover letter and CV to: falk.bleyl@utopi.co.uk.

Thank you.



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