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Iot White Paper

Digitally enhanced infrastructure layers technologies that, together, allow a building to be monitored, managed, and controlled more efficiently. Buildings can be optimised with improvements to energy efficiency, safety, occupant satisfaction and wellness. Importantly, buildings will require technology solutions in order to bring themselves into compliance with net zero legislation, and with concomitant alterations to the tax regime.
At the edge of digitally enhanced infrastructure are sensors and actuators. These interact with the environment in and around the building, and will be discussed in this paper both in terms of use cases and capabilities. Through wired or wireless connections, they connect to components, and various options for wireless connection are also discussed in the following pages.

System designers, installers, integrators, and to some extent owner-operators, should be aware of the practical applications of IoT in buildings, as well as the range of available sensor types and technology options, as building systems continue the transition from on-site BMS to cloud-based software-as-a-service alternatives. This paper is not comprehensive. It is intended as an abbreviated topic summary of the intelligence that clients have available through our consultancy service.

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