3 Candymill Lane, Hamilton, ML3 0FD

Utopi Connect is a unique data integration platform that provides real time insight and analysis across an asset portfolio.

Our dashboards aggregate operational and ESG data from IoT sensors and existing digital systems to provide a holistic view of building performance.

Over time this builds an actionable database for each building in a portfolio which can be used to benchmark performance, enhance resident experience, and create a path to achieve Net Zero Carbon and ESG objectives.

Simple Approach

Our approach is simple. To provide actionable data through IoT sensors and building systems integration. Utopi Connect provides building owners and operators with the data they need to truly understand and measure an assets commercial and environmental performance.

Deep integration of building wide systems allows facilities managers to control normally disaggregated technologies remotely from a single platform, reducing costly reactive maintenance and onsite disruption.

It’s All About the Data

We use smart technology to collect live data from your asset. We present your data on easy to read dashboards and visual reports.  We are cloud based, and integrate with other cloud products such as resident apps and sustainability accreditation platforms